Home Sweet Home... Apartment Edition

Happy Sunday!


I hope everyone has enjoyed a relaxing Sunday! As I am curled up in my apartment, I wanted to share with you my little home this year. So grab a cup of coffee, your favorite treat and lets dive in!

. When starting my Junior year at Iowa State, I finally was able to move into my very own apartment (with 3 other roommates too!). I love having my very own space that is full of warmth, laughter, and a whole lot of fun all thanks to my roomies!

As you walk straight into our apartment, you will find our kitchen and living room. The kitchen has open shelving, which is perfect for all of our plates, coffee mugs, and every other essential! There have been lots of baking and cooking happening in this kitchen!

Some of my favorite things to make include:

Homemade Chex Mix

Fettucine Alfredo

Apple Crisp

When you are standing in the kitchen, you look into our living room. This space is perfect for all of my roommates to hangout in and host many many girls nights!


My safe haven, my place of comfort, my bedroom. I loved decorating this room, it turned out just how I wanted it! This room is bright, airy, with a little feminine touch. I have linked below where most of my bedroom decor is from!

Bedding: Pottery Barn

Pillows: Target

Wall Hangings: Hobby Lobby

Mirror, Side Table: Home Goods

During these winter months, I have been so thankful to have such a cozy apartment to come home to!

You can find me enjoying Gilmore Girls and lots of coffee for the rest of my Sunday :-)

With love,


New York vs. Los Angeles

Happy Friday!! I know, I know it has been a hot minute since I have written a blog post! Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about b.e. good, sometimes life just happens to us all! But here I am and I am SO excited to finally share a few fun things I have done the past few months! You may be wondering, what does New York vs. Los Angeles mean? Today, I will share with you the incredible trip I took to New York and most recently, Los Angeles! There is so much to tell, but I’ll try to make it short and sweet! Aaaand yes I definitely have a favorite city, but I won’t tell you until the end ;-)



This past May, my mom and I took the trip of my dream since I’ve been a little girl!

Each day we experienced some of the best New York moments. In order to keep this short and sweet I’ll just give you a gist of the amazing time we had.

To put it simply my mom and I did just about everything we could!! Together we wandered around Central Park, visited the Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial, experienced the Good Morning America audience with Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts (OMG!!! This was so cool), and sipped tea at The Plaza, to have seen Wicked on Broadway, visited the Top of the Rock, and just breathed in Times Square every second we could.

Whew are you out of breath because I am! To see some of our amazing experiences, click through the photo gallery! :-)



Most recently, I flew to Los Angeles as a surprise birthday trip to see The Ellen Show!!!! My sophomore year in high school, my mom and I went during Spring Break. The minute we were back in Hollywood it seemed as if no time had passed at all. Everything looked and smelled the same, the stores were exactly as they had been before. We even were checked in by the same kind lady from our trip before! Sunday was a day to re-explore the fun city of Los Angeles! Of course, we visited Rodeo Drive and ate at an amazing Italian restaurant, II Piccolo Verde. Monday we enjoyed touring the Warner Bros. Studio! My favorite part was visiting “Stars Hollow” and seeing Miss Pattie’s dance studio and Luke’s Diner!! If you know my mom and I, you know how much we LOVE Gilmore Girls #LorelaiandRory. Also, the Friends set and memorabilia was SO awesome to see in real life! After our tour, it was time for Ellen!!!! As I’m typing I still feel my excitement from this show! Because my mom and I were “energetic audience members” we got to sit in the front row!! Ellen’s DJ, Twitch hyped the audience members up with fun songs and dance moves, then BAM Ellen comes out!!! She begins the show and talks with Simon Cowell, Olivia Wilde, and the sweetest little boy from Taiwan. Just as she is on television, Ellen is such a positive, kind and HILARIOUS woman. I am dying to go back to another one of her shows already!

Although I REALLY enjoyed both trips, it’s safe to say my absolute favorite is New York City. I would go back in a second. I loved everything about that city from just the way I felt when I was there to all of the opportunities that can come from just one city!

My mom and I always have the best times on our trips, and I can’t wait for more to come!!

With love,

b.e. good

Back to College!

It's finally the weekend which marks one week to being back at college!

Being back at college gives me such an amazing feeling. I love being surrounded by friends, studying a major I am passionate about, and watching myself grow as a young woman.

This week has been non-stop with moving into my sorority at Iowa State and beginning spirit week for recruitment.

For this blog post I just wanted to share my top ten moments from my first year at college! 

1. Move-in day at Eaton Hall

2. Primary Recruitment 

3. Joining Chi Omega

4. Iowa State Football Games

5.  Experiencing Fall at Iowa State

6. Experiencing Chi Omega

7. Friends that will last forever <3

8. Being Involved in the Greek Community

9. The Fashion Show

10. Saying Goodbye

I had such an incredible freshman year at Iowa State, I cannot wait to see what sophomore year has in store!

Stay tuned!! ;-)

With love,

b.e. good