Home Sweet Home... Apartment Edition

Happy Sunday!


I hope everyone has enjoyed a relaxing Sunday! As I am curled up in my apartment, I wanted to share with you my little home this year. So grab a cup of coffee, your favorite treat and lets dive in!

. When starting my Junior year at Iowa State, I finally was able to move into my very own apartment (with 3 other roommates too!). I love having my very own space that is full of warmth, laughter, and a whole lot of fun all thanks to my roomies!

As you walk straight into our apartment, you will find our kitchen and living room. The kitchen has open shelving, which is perfect for all of our plates, coffee mugs, and every other essential! There have been lots of baking and cooking happening in this kitchen!

Some of my favorite things to make include:

Homemade Chex Mix

Fettucine Alfredo

Apple Crisp

When you are standing in the kitchen, you look into our living room. This space is perfect for all of my roommates to hangout in and host many many girls nights!


My safe haven, my place of comfort, my bedroom. I loved decorating this room, it turned out just how I wanted it! This room is bright, airy, with a little feminine touch. I have linked below where most of my bedroom decor is from!

Bedding: Pottery Barn

Pillows: Target

Wall Hangings: Hobby Lobby

Mirror, Side Table: Home Goods

During these winter months, I have been so thankful to have such a cozy apartment to come home to!

You can find me enjoying Gilmore Girls and lots of coffee for the rest of my Sunday :-)

With love,